10 Signs You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

We have all dreamt of a financially comfortable future and having something we can call our own. And in this day and age, it is getting harder and harder to achieve that with a normal 9-5 job.

Enter entrepreneurship.

What is entrepreneurship?

According to the Business Jargons, entrepreneurship is the act of developing and running a business in order to make a profit, despite the risks.

Entrepreneurship certainly comes with many challenges but the potential for huge profits makes this path worth pursuing.

But how do you develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Is entrepreneurship for you?

How do you recognize the signs that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Here they are.

1. You have a vision and you are passionate about it.

Since you can remember, you have always been one to believe that anything is possible. You are passionate about changing the world and changing people’s lives.

Financial freedom is also high on your list so you can provide a comfortable lifestyle for yourself, your family and help people in need.

Your visions are grand and seem impossible to achieve. Not many people get you but you persevere anyway.

2. You like solving problems.

Which is exactly how many entrepreneurs were born.

You are driven to make your life and the lives of people around you easier and more efficient. When you see something that’s not working, you’re hell-bent on making sure you won’t encounter that issue again.

Being a problem solver is one of the signs that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. There is always an issue you want resolved and a gap you have to fill.

Providing value is also a strong suit of yours. You don’t care much whether people return the favour or not because you simply want to be of help others.

3. You are unique and unconventional.

You have always stood out to be the one who cannot seem to conform to anything. Your perspective on life is unique and not many people get you. But you’re okay with that because you know how to take advantage of your distinctive image and outlook.

Conventions bore you and so does working 9-5. You would rather work on your own terms and achieve your own goals instead of making someone else rich.

You also don’t like living for the weekend because you know that weekdays could become weekends, too, if you know how to work smart.

4. You embrace change.

Embracing change is one of the surefire signs that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Whilst change is enough to make others anxious, change actually excites you. You see change as another opportunity to create something wonderful and another opportunity to learn.

Change reframes your perspective and gives you fresh ideas. And fresh ideas mean fresh opportunities for personal and business growth.

5. You get yourself out of your comfort zone.

You find no satisfaction in the monotony that comes with routine. Strangely enough, you thrive in uncomfortable situations because they give you a huge amount of mental stimulation and fulfilment.

Whilst many people recoil at the thought of getting out of their comfort zone, you actually actively seek the “uncomfortable”.


Because you know that being in uncomfortable situations is the best way to grow on all levels.

You know that you could learn a lot by jumping into the deep end – head first.

6. You’re a hard worker.

Conforming to societal expectations and living for Friday night drinks is not something that sits well with you. When you work on something, you give it 110%. Even if it means working on weekends without pay or doing 80-hour weeks.

You know full well that hustling now will result in huge rewards in all aspects of your life in the future.

You also understand that if you put in double, even triple, the effort of what an average person does, you’ll get to reach your goals sooner than they ever would.

7. You have a tendency to focus on important things.

And everything else is inconsequential.

One of the signs that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur is that you know what your time is worth. So you focus on skills you actually need to learn and what tasks you need to delegate.

You understand what you “need to know” and what is “nice to know” when you’re learning. That way, you never get bogged down by too much information.

Your focus is also on what truly matters. The three most important tasks are at the top of your list and everything else can wait or are outsourced.

Self-care is also important and you make time for things that give you joy.

8. You’re not scared to fail.

Because you know that success is not the absence of failure, but it is knowing how to deal with failure.

Overtime, you have learnt to build your resilience and grow from adversity.

You’re fully aware that failure is possible, but it’s not enough for you to give up on your vision.

When you were younger, you were likely the motivator amongst your group of friends, the supportive cheerleader who modeled courage and determination, and had the results to back it up.

It could have been A grades at school or the ability to earn six-figures without a college degree.

Regardless, you’ve always known how to inspire people to be brave and go for their dreams.

9. You’re a respectable and an approachable leader.

When you were still studying, you were the school captain and was also everyone’s friend.

You have a tendency to see the potential and goodness in everybody, and you know how to motivate and inspire others to succeed.

Many people admire you for your achievements, your influence and your down-to-earth nature.

Put simply, you are respectable and relatable.

10. You are a perpetual student.

In both your personal and professional life.

You are humble enough to know that you “don’t know it all” and there is always something to learn regardless of your outstanding expertise and achievements.

Acquiring knowledge feels rewarding to you, so you do that by reading plenty of books, attending seminars or furthering your studies.

You also like to share your knowledge and you believe that you would offer more value if you have more information to offer.

Signs You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur: Conclusion

You may tell yourself now that this is never going to be you because you don’t have what it takes to be your own boss.

Here’s a comforting truth: no person was born an entrepreneur. Anyone, even you, can develop an entrepreneurial mindset if you stay focused on your passion and knuckle down.

Then next thing you know, you’re running your own business as well.

You got this!


10 Signs you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur

10 Signs you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur

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