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5 Skills Needed to Succeed in the Next Digital Marketing Industry

The labor revolution promises great changes in all industries, especially tech-related fields. The remote office will be a strong trend for companies’ production, and more citizens are looking for jobs that offer hybrid schedules to create a more comfortable work environment that is proof of contingencies such as COVID-19.

This new era of the job market also requires updated and necessary skills for everyone. This article will explore digital marketing and the filters that employers will use to find the best candidates for these vacancies. Take a look at five of the most in-demand skills for the marketing industry for the future of work.


Data Analysis

According to Globe Newswire estimates, the data analytics field will grow 13.2 percent between 2021-2028. These giant figures show companies’ dependence on these systems due to the efficient results in production, administration, and information processing. If you want to be a perfect candidate for any digital marketing project, learn how to become a data scientist.


One of the most important advantages of data science is that you can apply the knowledge in almost any job. Currently, many data science training centers teach how to use these resources in marketing. In this way, you can create target customers, more efficient sales strategies, and better result analysis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are mandatory requirements in any digital campaign in this era. Google and web positioning are the goals of any digital company due to the traffic and profits generated by being number one. In this new era of the job market, you must devote time to learning the most in-demand SEO strategies.


At many digital marketing agencies, web developers, database managers, and SEO experts work together to turn online platforms into money-making centers. Each feature is essential to ensure a successful campaign. As an SEO specialist, you will apply the best web positioning techniques, keyword search, link building, alliances with other websites, and more. Most SEO marketing employees work from home.

Project Management 

Project management skills are in high demand.  Project managers are responsible for delivering projects on time and within budget, which means they’ll always be in demand because of their ability to juggle multiple tasks and get results. Project management skills are a key piece in digital marketing administration in the 21st century.


Project management skills have been around for a while and will continue to survive. They are like a guiding light that can help you find your way through the maze of digital marketing projects. That is why most businesses now recognize the importance of project management skills. 

Social Media

Perhaps a few years ago, no one believed that social networks would benefit beyond entertainment. Now, about 91.9 percent of companies (with 100 or more employees) in the US use social media for marketing campaigns, according to Statista reports in 2021. For that reason, the advertising and digital marketing industry are looking for people with good social media skills for your new projects.


Advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter generates millions of dollars on both sides. Both the owners of the apps and the companies that publish the ads obtain benefits for each campaign.


In today’s digital marketing colleges or schools, social media occupies considerable space in their syllabus. If you discover how to advertise on social media, convert followers into customers, and increase organic traffic, you will be the perfect candidate for any company.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Competition is the great objective of digital marketing agencies in this decade. It can be hard to keep up with the competition online. Therefore, if you want to become a true professional in this field, increase your CRM skills. The relationship with customers or users is crucial to your reputation and success in this business. In fact, the experience of consumers determines their continuity and investment as a customer.


CRM encompasses many goals; one of them is monitoring, analyzing, and reporting the user experience. The results of each observation provide added value to all digital marketing campaigns and help companies improve their products or services according to market needs.


Digital marketing is constantly growing. Now, each of its benefits helps more companies and startups achieve their goals. Consider each of the points below if you want to hire or be a digital marketing expert. If you master these trends and skills, your chances of finding better jobs and salaries will increase.


Author: David Torrealba
From Zulia, Venezuela, David started working with Career Karma in October 2020. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication and Print Journalism from Universidad del Zulia. He works as a journalist at Noticia Al Minuto alongside his content writing duties with Career Karma. He previously worked as a content writer with AKB Fintech. His interests include journalism and marketing.